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Arizona Alliance for Peace & Justice is a coalition of concerned individuals and organizations formed in response to the terrorist attacks that occurred September 11, 2001.


Arizona Alliance for Peace & Justice is committed to working toward peaceful and just solutions to terrorism and violence as we seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters around the world.

AAPJ meets the second and fourth Sunday of the month at Tempe Friends Meeting House, 318 E. 15th Street in Tempe.   
The second Sunday is an Organizing Committee Meeting that reviews business and coordinates the planning of events.  The fourth Sunday is an Educational Meeting devoted to specific topics. The time for all the meetings is 5 PM, often there are other committee meetings at 3:30 PM in both locations prior to the meetings proper. 


1) We believe that military action is an inappropriate response to terrorism that only serves to perpetuate a never-ending spiral of violence: that terrorism must not be used as a pretext for war, retaliation, or nation-building: and that civilians must not be used, either implicitly or explicitly, as targets.

2) We urge the leaders of all nations to consider terrorist attacks crimes against humanity, and to bring those deemed responsible for these crimes to justice as determined by U.S. and international law.

3) We support education as a peacemaking tool: first, by examining how U.S. policies may have impacted the historical, economic, and social conditions that gave rise to these crimes; second, by encouraging the development of personal insight, creative thinking and persistence necessary to find peaceful alternatives to violence.

4) We choose an attitude of inclusiveness while we support building bridges of trust and communication across religious and ethnic communities. We condemn any hostilities taken against people of Arab descent, Muslims, or other persons in the U.S. or elsewhere.

5) We seek an end to racial profiling and believe that the civil liberties of all people must be upheld as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and protected by law.

6) We respect the earth, its peoples, plants and animals and recognize that we are all deeply interconnected. Because we understand that damaging our environment or any of its systems will only disrupt our ability to live in peace, we ultimately strive to achieve a global community that embraces the dignity and worth of all living beings.




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